Steve Johannsen is a very versatile, professional artist. He loves the challenge of creating and designing for both personal and commercial projects. His roots are traditional and old school, by-hand…while embracing today’s digital technology as needed. He continually explores and learns a variety of different subjects, styles and media in his work. His art career has been a never-ending process of honing and expanding his creative skills and knowledge of new related territories. Working together immediately becomes a joint project with a common goal. Sharing a clear understanding sets the course. Steve’s hands-on experience in many related fields may be able to help coordinate with additional vendors for services and products, such as printing, media placement etc. for your business or project need


To begin, we should either meet in person or on the phone. We need to get on the same page. You will need to furnish all your ideas and visions, reference materials, written copy/info, photos and information relating to deadlines and budgets. The better you are prepared, the less non-creative time the artist will need to include in billing. Upon receiving materials from you, the artist will create preliminary concept sketches, notes and estimates. Once I begin on a project, I prefer to stay on it and finish promptly. A proofing copy will be emailed for your review. I would like to know what your review process is (individual, group etc.). I ask immediate acknowledgement of receiving the mail and that any images sent appeared properly. Then, you may review and share as needed. Promptly reply with questions, comments or suggestions to consider. Additional adjustment sketches made as necessary for both of us to be satisfied. Once final approval is made, the Artist will proceed to complete final files or product.  ***NOTE. Once a concept/project/estimate is Approved…client is responsible for payment ALL work and expenses done by the artist…in the event of an unexpected stop or hold on the project in progress.

According to Copyright Law, the Artist, as sole creator of an image shall be the owner of all copyrights unless transferred by contract. Contribution to an idea or concept does not warrant co-ownership.No images may be reproduced in any manner without written consent of the artist.

Once commitment is made to a project and terms agreed upon, client is responsible for all time and materials invested on their behalf on their project. Upon approval, a deposit of 50% shall be paid to the artist, balance due upon completion. Other terms may be considered in advance. ***Once a job is approved, client is responsible for all work done to date, in the event of cancellation. Delivery terms to be determined.

Payable to:
Steve Johannsen

**Please send email request for mailing address