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Steve Johannsen is a very versatile, professional artist who has been creating powerful images his whole life. He loves the challenge of creating and designing for both personal and commercial projects.

Primary focuses are on Rock Art, personal commissions and personal art.

Steve is a master in many media including pen and ink, pencil, paints and has absolutely No Fear of subject material. His roots are traditional and old school, by-hand…while embracing today’s digital technology. His art career has been a never-ending process of honing and expanding his creative skills and knowledge of new subjects, styles and media in his work.

Steve has hands on experience in many related fields, including Offset and digital printing, screen printing posters, signs and apparel, sign painting and more.
He has connections to help coordinate with additional vendors for services and products, such as printing, merchandise, media placement etc. for your business or project needs. Contact the artist with any inquiries.

Rock Art Posters, Shirts, Merch


Steve Johannsen Merchandise