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Rock Art & Merch

Art and music. The love between the two has ALWAYS been an inspiration for Artist Steve Johannsen.

The amazing visuals and sounds of the late sixties unfolded as Steve was in high school in the midwest. He was having a blast drawing his own mock rock posters and portraits of the rock stars of the era.  He has created some of rock’s most memorable images and worked with some of the biggest names in the music business as well as major festivals.

For Steve, it’s all about the image and the ‘hook’. Yet, he believes in the old saying that you are only as good as your NEXT piece of art. 

He will work with you to create your next memorable image for event and tour posters and collectible merchandise, CD covers and packaging, logos, portraits, ad design, set design, publication illustrations and more. Many creative and cost options available. Talk is free, contact the artist today.

* All samples displayed are intended for portfolio presentation only.


Steve Johannsen Merchandise